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We consult, design and provide products for the health and beauty of our customers.

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Sauna Steam Room

Tylö sauna combines style and function with high quality, which leads to a long life for home use.
Enjoy the invigorating feel that a Tylö steam bath provides. 100% constant humidity, gentle heat and comfortable interiors.

Infrared Room

Tylö infrared rooms can be equipped with low radiation IR panels throughout. In addition to fitment along the walls, benches and floor panels are available for a higher degree of heat penetration.

Control Panel

The new control panel Elite Cloud has been updated with cloud-based functionality so you can control your sauna from anywhere!

Swimming Pool

Our products are manufactured and quality control in-house. These include: Filters & Multiport Valves,  Swimming Pool Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Underwater Lights, Digital Water Management System, Stainless steel ladders, Chlorine generator, White fittings.

Indoor Spa

Imagine a spa on the balcony of your home or on the terrace of a luxury resort with a panoramic view of the surrounding environment: city, sea or mountain, surely a dreamy atmosphere. Or a Spa hosting an hydromassage spa alongside a regenerating sauna, all combined with the soothing effect of a coloured, soft light.

Outdoor Spa

Imagine also a bathtub installed on the bow of a yacht or in your own garden or in the outdoor area of a hotel, surrounded by deckchairs or hammocks where you can rest. And why not, inside an enclosed space entirely surrounded by windows through which filters natural light. Or even better, a hydromassage bathtub in your bedroom: what else can you wish for?


We always focus on the uniqueness and suitability of each design to the space it will be used in. We understand that each customer has their own needs and desires, so we are always ready to listen and provide the best solution for each individual case.


We are committed to providing customers with high-quality construction services that guarantee construction progress, reasonable costs, and meet all customer needs. We are always ready to listen and provide the best solution for each individual case, ensuring that customers will be satisfied with our products.


We have a team of experienced technicians and staff who are capable of handling any issues related to equipment installation. Your project will be completed and delivered with the highest quality and on schedule.

Our Customers

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